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  • Irene Lambrianos & Amanda van der Walt

Understanding quality of life in the GCR (2014)

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In 2014 the GCRO completed its third Quality of Life survey. The 2009 survey delivered a wealth of data, and the 2011 survey provided even more, presenting the opportunity to view comparative data on key indicators across the two years. The surveys are important in themselves, and the data has been used extensively in a host of presentations, academic publications and the two State of Gauteng City-Region Reviews (2011 and 2013). However GCRO also believed that a deeper analysis, based on this data, on the nature of quality of life in the region was imperative in order to inform public debate, government action, and more targeted academic enquiry on emerging issues. This project produced a number of outputs which drew broadly from the GCRO’s first three Quality of Life surveys.


Greyling, T. (2013) ‘A composite index of quality of life for the Gauteng city-region: a principal component analysis approach’, GCRO Occasional Paper 7.

Everatt, D. (2013) ‘The Gauteng City-Region: what we know’, GCRO Presentation.

Last updated 18 October 2017.


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