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Network for Gender and Urban Research

There is increasing awareness in urban studies and geographic disciplines that a feminist approach to research is required or should at the very least be considered. While dimensions of identity such as gender or sexuality have been the subject of research in the humanities for decades, there has been less focus on the urban context in relation to identity or feminist methodologies. Key methods in the field of urban studies and geography such as quantitative data collection and mapping are being challenged by feminist approaches.

This research network of scholars brings together researchers whose work sits at the nexus of gender and urban issues or scholars who are using a gendered or feminist lens or methodology in their work. We use the term gender loosely to encompass urban research on gender or sexuality; urban research with a feminist approach; or urban research employing feminist, gendered or queer methodologies. The Network for Gender and Urban Research embraces intersectionality and is interested in the multiple relationships, identities and factors that play out in the city. The network is open to all scholars who are working in this domain.

The aim of the network is to support research being conducted on these issues, strengthen the field of gender and urban studies and to explore collaboration and publication opportunities across disciplines and institutions. NGUR intends to host workshops that bring researchers interested in gender and the city together, run engagements around peer learning in queer and feminist research methods and approaches and potentially reading groups on more focused areas.

Dr Mamokete Modiba is currently managing the project following the departure of Dr Alexandra Parker. Please get in touch if you have any research interests in this area and would like to be part of our network.

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Margot Rubin and Alexandra Parker (September 2020). 'Intersections in gender roles, spatial location and transit provision', Southern Africa City Studies Conference, 4 September 2020.

Previous workshops

The NGUR held its inaugural workshop on Wednesday 8 August 2018. It was well attended by academics and practitioners from a variety of institutions in Gauteng. The event was an opportunity to hear about current research in this domain and meet scholars broadly interested in gender and urban research.

The second NGUR workshop, State of the Art: Gender and Urban Research, was held on Friday 30 August 2019. Ten papers were presented and the event was attended by approximately 80 people.

Last updated: 04 October 2022.


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