The GCRO-GPG Inclusive Economies Research Programme ramps up

  • Date of publication: 08 March 2023

The Inclusive Economies Research Programme (IERP) is a joint initiative of the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) and Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG). It seeks to develop and implement a research agenda that will enhance the understanding of the city-region’s economy and enable effective policies and strategies for inclusive economic growth and development. The programme will specifically focus on research and policy relevant analysis on high growth sectors; the region's economic geography; optimal future growth paths and constraints to these; and on government's own economic interventions, all with a view to exploring options for and obstacles to greater economic inclusivity. The GCRO IERP kicks off with the appointment of two Senior Researchers, Dr. Mamokete Modiba and Mr Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen.

Dr Mamokete Modiba has been a Researcher at the GCRO since January 2017. Mamokete was appointed as a Senior Researcher in the Inclusive Economies Research Programme in December 2022. With a background in urban planning, her research interests span across a variety of areas including informal economies, township economies, urban governance and management, poverty and inequality and spatial transformation. She is particularly interested in understanding the complexities that inform local approaches towards achieving inclusive economic development, strategic and regulatory frameworks that inform such approaches, local experiences and responses towards inclusive economies and the role assumed by the state. Mamokete has a particular orientation towards improving public policy and practice to make it work for the poor and marginalised.

Mr Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen joined the Inclusive Economies Research Programme as Senior Researcher from 1 February 2023. Ebrahim brings a unique set of experiences to the programme having worked in government, non-governmental sector and as an independent researcher. His recent projects have included interpreting stakeholder perspectives on basic income and addressing youth unemployment through Work Integrated Learning (WIL) strategies. His diverse portfolio of work has spurred his interest in exploring the emergence of a 'contracting state' in South Africa. Specifically he is interested in whether and how government can support local and regional economic development using instruments such as procurement or Special Economic Zones. Outside of the GCRO, Ebrahim is honoured to serve as Chairperson of the South African Labour Bulletin and is excited about repositioning the bulletin to being relevant to community and worker struggles

Both Senior Researchers are currently working towards developing a comprehensive research programme. Initial ideas are scheduled to be discussed with key partners, including through a workshop with the Gauteng Department of Economic Development at the end of March 2023. Watch this space for future developments in the programme!


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